Why Two Videographers Are Better Than One 


Sure, one videographer might be enough to film a decent wedding video—but why settle for one when you can have two?
In the same way that you and your partner are better together, having two cameras to capture your wedding film is better than one. Here’s why:
· Multi-camera coverage: While you and your partner will be taking each other’s hands, that doesn’t mean you’ll be joined at the hip for your entire wedding day, and a solo videographer can’t be everywhere at once. Having two videographers at your wedding allows for simultaneous coverage of both the bride and the groom—an especially important feature when the bride and groom are getting ready at different locations. Besides, you never know when an unforgettable moment will take place! With two people filming, there is always someone there to get the perfect shot, even when one videographer is occupied.
· Different focal lengths: One videographer is limited in the number of different types of shots they can get during your wedding. With two people shooting video, there is much more opportunity for a range of wide, medium, and close-up shots to better capture the scope and tone of your wedding, along with the spirit and personality of everyone invited.
· Capturing more with less: One person with a camera has to run around all day and hope that they are able to film every stand-out moment. With two cameras, not only will we have more footage to craft your unique video experience, but we’ll also have the chance to slow down and hone in on the little moments and offer the kind of precise, creative vision that will give you an artistic and unconventional wedding film.
· Variable perspectives: A single videographer can only capture what is in front of their lens; with two videographers, we have the opportunity to catch multiple perspectives of a single moment, allowing for a more three-dimensional glimpse of your wedding day that you might never see otherwise, all while staying as unobtrusive as possible.
· Set-up: It takes a lot of equipment to film a wedding, and the last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is whether your videographer has enough hands to get everything prepared. With four hands instead of two, we can handle all of the necessary equipment to craft your unique wedding film so you can relax and bask in the joy of the day. 
Midnight Embers is a two-person team—Simone and Ramsey—and we are both dedicated to providing you a creative wedding film that captures every glimmer of light and every snippet of joy from your wedding day and cuts to the spirit of your relationship. On your wedding day, every second counts; with two videographers behind the lens, we’ll be sure not to miss a single one.



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