Switching from Reel Simple to Midnight Embers


We used to market ourselves as Reel Simple Studios, but in reality, the experience we provide is anything but simple.
Sure, we strive to keep the planning process as easy for you as possible and stay as out-of-the-way as much as possible so you can focus on your wedding day. But with our inspired and inventive wedding films, we are not looking to give you a quick snapshot running down the itinerary of your wedding. We are curating an artistic experience that we hope you can return to and enjoy for years to come.
Your wedding is just one day in a lifetime of days, yet it encapsulates so much—it is a promise of love, a declaration of the hope and devotion that makes life worth living, the start of your own inimitable adventure. Each one of those special moments—every whisper, touch, and laugh—deserves to be captured, because they are the moments that keep us alive and remind us why we fall in love in the first place.
That is why we have chosen Midnight Embers. Our name is evocative of the type of wedding film we aim to produce—not just a conventional look at a typical wedding, but a creatively shot experience through which you can relive the mystery, the passion, and the excitement of setting out on your life together.
Every perfect moment, from the first look to the last dance—Midnight Embers will be there to capture it all. 



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